Because the poor and the children of Nepal need our support

What do we do?
We give a future to the underprivileged and the children in Nepal.

That is the goal of npo Sukhi Home.

We have already supported quite a number of projects thanks to our sponsors.

What does sukhi mean?
The Nepalese word
sukhi means happy in the long term.

That is what Sukhi Home wants for the underprivileged and the children of Nepal.

And that is why they need your support.

What are we currently doing?
In 2015 Nepal was hit by two very strong earthquakes.

Sukhi Home now focuses on the construction of a new earthquake resistant school for 110 handicapped children.

How do we supervise these projects?
Once a year, our chairwoman and coordinator Catherine Maes travels to Nepal.

She follows up on the finished and ongoing projects and investigates new projects.

What can you do?
Sign up for our newsletter. Stay informed.

And give from your heart.

Because each gift, no matter how small, is a building block.

Kind regards,

Catherine Maes.

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In the picture

Construction of the SERC school in Kathmandu, progress.

Progress of the construction of a school for 110 disabled children in Chapagaun, Kathmandu, Nepal. Partially sponsored by Sukhi Home


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Latest news

Bharat Tamang finds a new home.

Shortly after the earthquakes in April and May 2015, Bharat Tamang, a handicapped boy of approximately 14, was found in the street by the Belgian ngo CPCS, a project for the care of street children in Kathmandu.

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